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If you are new to do-it-yourself online publishing, this page will guide you through the blogosphere one step at a time.

Below each title you will find a synopsis and word count, as well as the estimated time to complete any tasks.

Click on the title of the article you are interested in, and your browser will be directed there.  

Jargon Buster:

On this page, the titles are hyperlinked, meaning they have been linked to another page, making navigation of the Web easier for you.  The words used for the link are known as anchor text.  The first hyperlink after this sentence has the anchor text “Blog or Web site?”

Blog or Web site?

The basic differences between a blog and a Web site, and why WordPress is better than the rest.

Wordcount: 210

Who is your audience?

Who you are writing for, and why you need to think about this up front.

Word count: 189

What is WordPress?

A quick overview of WordPress that describes the basic differences between and  This page also includes links to other relevant sites about WordPress.

Word count: 329

Make a blog plan

Starts you thinking about what you want to put on your site.  A printable checklist (.doc and .pdf) is attached at the end, to help you get it out of your head and onto paper.

Time required to complete Blog Plan: One person did it in 15 minutes; mostly it depends on how much thought you have already put into it.

Word count: 780

How to join WordPress

Screenshots and text walk you through the four steps of setting up a account. 

Word count: 639

Time required to setup account: 15 minutes


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