Identify your audience

When you write, whether you think about it consciously or not, you are writing to an audience. The Wall Street Journal  is written to a general audience, IEEE Security and Privacy magazine is written to a narrower group of readers; those interested in Cybercrimebadware and cryptography, The Voice is written to parents of Palo Verde Elementary School students, my journal is for my eyes only.

By providing useful valuable information that is specific to your audience, you are ensuring they make return visits, and make use of your content – so start by considering who you are writing to.

Are you writing for your students, or the parents of your students, or both? 

Do you want to write about a specific subject, for instance English, for one grade level, or several?

Are you writing for your school only, or the district?  Maybe you want a site that covers the county, the state, or the nation?

By identifying your audience, it will be a lot easier to determine the type of content you want to publish; it will also keep you on track when writing your posts (blog entries).


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